The Future of Omegle Chat in 2014

In this post, we are going to know what video chat will exactly become in 2014. No wonder, technology is witnessing progress at a speedy rate in every single year and it is not unrelated to random chat sites. In order to give best possible experience for the users in Omegle video chat, several advances and changes have been made on reputed chat sites like Omegle. Here are some important things to consider which will ultimately make impact on free random chat in this year.

Improved Security

Till now, several video chat sites don’t have any regulations and algorithms to block fake webcams. It was a biggest hurdle which had cause “trolls” in order to infiltrate chat sites like Omegle and blackmail innocent users. Omegle is the first free random chat website of its kind which came with counter algorithms to avoid such trolls which are made by using fake webcam tools. With this new upgrade, it is sure that the video chat industry will be revolutionized in early 2014. Now, you no longer have to be scared of trolls if you use sites like Omegle. In such sites, anybody cannot troll fake webcams to stream and record chat history of anyone. If anyone does that thing, the sites immediately detect and block him.

Video Chat Sites Going Mobile

Did you found anything related to it? Not now? But you will soon get the option to download their official Android and Windows Phone apps for your tablets and mobile devices. There are many chat sites like Omegle planning to develop mobile apps with functionality of video sharing with random strangers. Some websites have Android apps but provide the feature of only text chat. Nowadays, most of these sites are taking a step ahead to upgrade their app with video streaming facility. On the go, you can enjoy video chat with different strangers. Websites like Omegle are going mobile friendly. By the late 2014, the beta version of these websites is about to launch.

Lag is Over

Do you remember 90s era when all of us had dial-up connection? In that era, even downloading a music file took a whole day. Then and till the early 2000s, lag was a large issue. But Omegle chat has completely eliminated this issue permanently. Such annoying lags were removed with the execution of faster, bigger and stronger servers. Now, switching from one webcam to any other has become even faster. Since we are in 2014, instant loading speed is compulsory for every website. From now on, you will see impressive and lightning-fast loading of site like Omegle.

Important Tip

So you are excited to see the revolutionary change in Omegle video chat. But you should consider one important thing which is that you should avoid smoking, at least when you are on cam. Nobody likes watching their companion smoking on cam. If you are a heavy smoker and can’t control your craving, then get away from cam, smoke and come back after 5 minutes. This way, you will not turn off any other’s attention.